Press release 3/3/2019

Cambridge Half-Marathon

One of the biggest half-marathons in the region took place in the university city of Cambridge at the weekend, where Tom Sclanders shone on his half-marathon debut. Tom managed to finish in 01-35-49, finishing 918th out of 8352 runners. Other Striders to complete the course were Mark Forsdyke: 01-49-01 (3489th), Richard Liversidge 01-53-00 (4396th) and Linda Howell in 02:40:44 (7941th).


For those who don’t know, the 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all takes place every Saturday morning at 9am. Here are the results of the Striders who were out in force.

On the road.

Rutland Water: Danik Bates and Ken Marshall took on the course at Rutland Water in the UK’s smallest county, Rutland. Danik managed to get his fastest 5km time in nearly four years, finishing in 20-50 (14th out of 325 runners) whilst Ken finished in 26-07 (103rd).

Grovelands: Down the A10 at Grovelands in Enfield, the March’s were in North London for this weekend’s Parkrun. Darren March finished in 22-23 (31st out of 194 runners) whilst Louise finished in 34-08 (166th).

Elsewhere we had head coach Chris Leigh at Bedford, finishing 27-01 (168th out of 407 runners). Karl Sparks was at Panshanger (Hertford) finishing in 22-35 (40th out of 303 runners) and Graham Potter was at Malling (near Maidstone, Kent) finishing in 35-24 (243rd out of 297 runners).

Stevenage Parkrun results (327 runners took part). Brendon Kelly 20-22 (9th), Ollie Garbas 23-04 (41st), Peter Kelly 27-00 (135th), Garry Wallace 28-38 (168th), Louise Chancellor 30-04 (189th), Ian McClements 35-12 (273rd), Tracy Norris 44-42 (303rd) and Rachel Hall 58-50 (327th).

Stevenage 10km
The Stevenage Striders will host the Stevenage 10km race on 15th September 2019. This is the first 10K race run in Stevenage that has been open to all members of the public for over 30 years. Further details of the event can be seen at . All finishers receive a medal and technical t shirt. Entries for the race can be made at or via

About Stevenage Striders
The club was formed back in 2013 and has lots of runners from the local area joined since then and is open to all abilities. To find out more information about the club, how to join or what sort of training we can offer, please contact via the club or head coach Chris Leigh on or visit the website

Danik Bates
Stevenage Striders Press Officer.

Photo: Tom Sclanders at Cambridge Half-Marathon