Press release 10/3/2019

A packed weekend of action despite the weather and a Strider comes first in a Parkrun in the Canadian Winter.


Vitality Big Half Marathon

Hayley Stenning got a half-marathon (13.1 miles – 21km) personal best time on the streets of the British capital with a time of 2-24-53. Hayley finished 10873th

Wendover Woods 10km

Rachel Hall took on the 10km (6.2 mile) course at the highest point in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire in horrible conditions. Rachel finished the run in 01-49-05.  

This week’s dose of Parkruns.

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and a few Striders were out in force.

Trout Pond: Danik Bates finished first in the Trout Pond parkrun in the remote town of Taber in southern Alberta, Canada. In harsh winty conditions, Danik came in with a time of 21-32 despite the –15 temperatures (and that’s not including the windchill). This is the first time ever Danik has come first in a Parkrun event. There were seventeen brave runners took on the course.

Harlow: The March’s were on the road again this week and they were over the county border in Essex at the new town of Harlow. Darren March came in at 22-57 (18th) and Louise March was 34-34 (156th). There were 223 runners.

Ipswich: Graham Potter 30-42 (291st out of 456 runners).

Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield): Jenny Ingram-Tedd 29-54 (163rd out of 291 runners).

Stevenage: 342 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. Steve Wells was first strider home in 18-48 (3rd). Brendon Kelly 20-39 (13th), Alan Watt 24-46 (79th), Ken Marshall 26-35 (113rd), Peter Kelly 27-01 (127th), Russell Andrews 28-33 (165th), Ally Brown 31-21 (218th), Tony Castro 34-46 (276th), Emma Tozer 35-50 (278th) and Esperanza Castro 35-13 (283rd). Leanne Mahoney ran her first parkrun here and finished in 33-03.