Club news release 12/5/2019

Just a few Striders take on Marlow…

One of the main events which a lot of Striders enter is the Marlow Five (that’s five miles, not five kilometres) which takes place by the River Thames. The five mile race is set on a flat, fast course that flows through the high street from Higginson Park. This year was special for the Striders. They took a club record thirty-six runners to the race and they were all dressed up in their new running vest design!

The weather initially looked promising but by the race start it was a little warmer than expected as the sun continued to shine.

There were a total of 1510 finishers and the Striders acquitted themselves well. First home was Glenn Cuzner in a personal-best (pb) time of 33:53. There were also pb’s for Daniel Sanders (34:03), Stuart Cuzner (35:28) and Phil Deaves (39:48). Fresh from their exploits at the London Marathon, both Peter Monk (39:33) and Megan Taylor (43:28) ran pbs. In Megan’s case, she took off a massive 1 min 33 seconds from her previous best. Completing the list of pb’s was Sarah Allen (44:00), Kirsten Jarvis (44:44), Ian McClements (50:31), Hayley Stenning (52:56), Brenda Smith (56:17 by thirty seconds), Louise March (56:43 by 1 min 50 secs), Jessica Wright (59:14), Charlotte Leigh (59:16), Sarah Goodyear (1:00:19).

Club Coach Chris Leigh was pleased to take a minute off his previous five-mile time despite dealing with a niggling injury. He said ‘this has been a fantastic achievement for the club. We were recognised as one of the biggest club entries on the day and showed a marvellous team spirit and sportsmanship. Our finishers waited and clapped all of our club runners in. We will back again next year with an even bigger contingent!’

Here is a full summary of the club’s results.
Glenn Cuzner 33-55 (134th – PB), Daniel Sanders 34-03 (147th – PB), Stuart Cuzner 35-28 (211th – PB), Darren March 38-19 (336th), Karl Hudson 37-53 (356th), Ben Parry 39-23 (396th), Greg Bradbury 39-05 (418th), Peter Monk 39-33 (458th – PB), Phil Deaves 39-48 (478th-PB), Marc Hagland 42-07 (600th), Molly Davis 42-29 (617th), Anne Miller 42-49 (648th – PB), Ian Levy 43-08 (673rd), Megan Taylor 43-28 (686th – PB), Esperanza Castro 43-43 (718th), Chris Leigh 43-45 (736th – SB), Sarah Allen 44-00 (742nd – PB), Kirsten Jarvis 44-44 (748th – PB), Russell Andrews 45-50 (830th), Sue Leigh 47-25 (1039th), Richard Bates 47-36, Ian McClements 50-31 (1185th – PB), Gary East 50-39 (1186th), Ally Brown 52-23 (1275th), Hayley Stenning 52-56 (1298th – PB), Tony Castro 54-16 (1338th), Sue Loughran 54-33 (1347th), Chrissie Parry 54-37 (1351st), Brenda Smith 56-17 (1384th – PB), Louise March 56-43 (1387th – PB), Jessica Wright 59-14 (1426th – PB), Charlotte Leigh 59-16 (1427th – PB), Sarah Goodyear 01-00-19 (1445th – PB), Jo Holmes 01-05-30 (1481st), Frances Levy 01-05-30 (1482nd) and Rachel Hall 01-21-13 (1508th).

Jenny takes on the Chilterns

Jenny Ingram-Tedd, who is in long distance training, took on her first ultra-trail marathon by herself on Saturday by doing the inaugural 50km (30 mile) Chiltern Ridge Ultra, with over 1,000m of climb. She came in at 06-59-33, finishing 58th out of 79th. Well done Jenny for finishing that tough course which is mostly hills.

Cranleigh Trail Marathon

Davie Stafford and Clare Wing was back in marathon action this weekend, taking on the 26.2-mile (42km) course along footpaths and through woodland. They both finished together in a clock time of 04-57-10.

This week’s Parkruns.

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and a few Striders were out in force.
Stevenage: 353 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. Steve Wells was first home in 19-19 (9th) and fresh from last week’s international Parkrun winner in Ireland, Brendon Kelly came in at 20-15 (16th). Other results: Darren March 22-22 (42nd), Martin Watson 22-55 (53rd), Oliver Garbas (with a buggy) 24-40 (90th), Peter Kelly 28-14 (187th), Gill Philpotts 29-28 (212nd), Esperanza Castro 31-30 (247th), Leanne Mahoney 32-48 (270th), Hayley Stenning 32-52 (273rd), Louise March 33-52 (292nd), Emma Tozer 34-49 (307th), Penny Fanthorpe 37-34 (325th).


Other away results:
Sittingbourne (Kent): Danik Bates 21-14 (16th out of 167 runners).
Panshanger (Hertford): Alan Watt 24-11 (86th out of 414 runners).
Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield): Vicky Walker-Nolan 26-28 (110th), Jennifer Graham 35-20 (235th).
Lanhydrock (near Bodmin, Cornwall): Garry Wallace 33-39 (103rd), Louise Chancellor 33-51 (104th).
Eastbourne (East Sussex): Tracy Norris 43-53 (336th).