Half marathon training schedule for novices

Many of you have either entered for or shown an interest in entering the Peterborough half marathon on 13/10/2019. It’s a good course, can produce good times and this years weather can not be as bad as last years! It’s also a very good first timers half and with all of the support from within the club, you can’t go wrong!

I’ve put together a schedule of training sessions that run from Tuesday 2/7/2019 through to race day. It is designed for novices (I.e. either first timers or those that have only done 1 or two half’s before). It is founded on runners completing three RUN sessions a week. Tuesday and Thursday at the club and then Sundays long run. The Sunday runs are progressive and assume that the runner is able to run 5 miles continuously at the start of the programme. The first Sunday long run is on 7/7/2019 (this is race for life day so if any of you want to follow this half marathon schedule you should enter the 10K race for life! Don’t scrimp and do the 5k!).

You can complement the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday run sessions with weight training/cross training/yoga/pilates.

The training is designed in cycles where your mileage and intensity builds during the cycle, then it drops for one week (to give your body a period of adjustment) before the next cycle where you build up again. And so on.

Note – Lisa Liversidge starts her Wednesday yoga sessions in July! Perfect!

Click on the link. Enjoy!