Club news release 4/8/2019

Stevenage Striders Press Release – 4th August 2019

Davie back in Marathon action

Davie completed his 10th marathon with his daughter whilst pushing a buggy at the Pheonix Summer Marathon in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey on Saturday. The pair completed the 26.2 mile (42km) course in 04-35-46 finishing 62nd out of 132 runners.

This week’s dose of Parkruns

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and a few Striders were out in force.

Stevenage: 376 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. To celebrate the clubs sixth birthday on Saturday, a lot of Striders came out in force to celebrate. First home was Brendon Kelly in 20-24 finishing 15th.

Other results: Jordan Warner 21-29 (26th – Parkrun PB), Greg Bradbury 22-28 (38th – Parkrun PB), Karl Sparks 23-19 (47th), Dayle Clarke 23-43 (53rd), William Reynolds 23-49 (56th), Peter Fitzgerald 25-10 (79th and 1st in the VM65-69 category), Victoria McIver 27-26 (137th), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 27-28 (138th), Fiona Davis 27-29 (140th), Gill Philpotts 28-46 (164th), Ian McClements 29-00 (170th), Peter Kelly 29-06 (174th), Richard Bates 29-19 (178th), Stacy Benn 29-38 (184th), Russell Andrews 32-43 (234th), Colin Fenwick 32-50 (235th), Hayley Stenning 32-59 (237th), Julia Middleton 33-32 (249th – Parkrun PB), Caroline Longfellow 34-33 (265th), Brenda Smith 35-21 (278th), Gary East 36-24 (291st), Jim Smith 37-23 (304th – Parkrun PB), Helen Cal-Fernandez 37-25 (305th – Parkrun PB), Lyn Hammocks 37-30 (307th), Lauren Pegg 40-08 (335th), Dorota Adamczyk 40-44 (339th), Penny Fanthrope 41-53 (344th), Hilary Withers 43-44 (354th – 1st ever Parkrun) and Tracy Norris 44-31 (355th).


Away results:

Clare Castle (Suffolk): Danik Bates 22-02 (8th out of 133 runners).

Hartlepool: Alan Watt 23-01 (29th out of 154 runners).

Hastings (East Sussex); Darren March 25-08 (93rd out of 361 runners) and Louise March 37-22 (322nd).

Westmill (Ware, Herts): Ken Marshall 27-28 (26th out of 65 runners).

Rutland Water (Rutland): Garry Wallace 28-06 (166th out of 364 runners). Louise Chancellor 28-57 (188th).

Dunstable Downs (Beds); Gary Sherin 28-41 (69 out of 159 runners).

Rising Sun (Tyne & Wear): Jennifer Graham 37-30 (302nd out of 362 runners).

About Stevenage Striders

The club was formed back in 2013 and has lots of runners from the local area joined since then and is open to all abilities. To find out more information about the club, how to join or what sort of training we can offer, please contact via the club or head coach Chris Leigh on or visit the website

Danik Bates

Stevenage Striders Press Officer.