Club news release 11/8/2019

Stevenage Striders Handicap 5km

On Tuesday 6th August, the club held their fifth handicap 5K of 2019. In a handicap race each runner is given a target time based on their form and they aim to beat that target. The winner of the race is the runner who beats their target by the largest margin.

Forty-eight runners took part with a further four members of the club running as pacers/aids to help newer members around the course.

The winner of the race was Hilary Withers who beat her target by a massive 5:16 by finishing in 39:44. Hilary recently graduated from the club’s zero to 5K training programme. Thirty seconds behind Hilary was another graduate Lauren Pegg in 36:44 and then the first man Tony Castro in a much-improved time of 28:51.

The fastest man on the night was Ollie Garbas in 19:34 with an improving Glenn Cuzner in 20:20. The fastest lady on the night was Hannah West in 22:38 with Vicky McIver in 23:23 coming back from her recovery after a recent 100Km run.

After five races the position in the handicap championship is getting even tighter! Runners are given points based on their finishing position in each handicap race that they run in. The best three results are then added up to get that runners league total. With only one race (in September) left any one of over thirty runners are in contention for one of the trophies for the first three positions. The current top six are:

Ian McClements, Tracy Norris, Brendon Kelly, Sharon Williams, Esperanza Castro, Leanne Mahoney.

Full results (in time order): Oliver Garbas 19-34, Glenn Cuzner 20-20, Chrisz Dawson 21-49, Hannah West 22-38, Ben Parry 22-41, Karl Sparks 22-49, Kevin Fisher 23-14, Vicky McIver 23-23, Darren March 23-31, Dayle Clarke 24-21, Esperanza Castro 24-42, Peter Fitzgerald 25-15, Russell Andrews 25-32, Marc Hagland25-34, Jenny Ingram-Tedd 25-52, Phil Cook 26-08, Ken Marshall 26-14, Fran levy 26-16, Dave Mendonca 26-19, Ian McClements 26-54, Garry Wallace 27-09, Julie Finch 27-19, Leanne Mahoney 28-59, Sharon Williams 29-01, Mike Hartshorne 29-29, Jacky Murphy 29-36, Becky Speer 29-55, Lorraine Wyatt 33-12, Paul Ingram-Tedd 33-59, Louise March 35-43, Lisa Sherry 35-45, Charlotte Leigh 35-52, Jennifer Graham 36-06, Paula Sparks 36-35, Lauren Pegg 36-44, Sarah Goodyear 37-44, Dorota Adamczyk 38-01, Hilary Withers 39-44, Tracy Norris 41-11, Amy Childs 41-12.

Marathon action

On Saturday at the Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey, four Striders were in long distance action. Marathon distance saw Davie Stafford finishing the hilly course fourth out of sixty-five runners in 04-15-34. Clare Wing was fifth female and twenty-eighth overall in 05-09-47. In the half marathon distance, Sue Leigh and Sue Loughran completed the course together and both finished in 03-24-46.

Run Dorney 10km

Three Striders took on the 10km (6.2 mile) course at Dorney Lake on the outskirts of Windsor, Berkshire. Glenn Cuzner finished 12th out of 190 runners in 42-20 and Stuart Cuzner in 45-51 (23rd place). Charlotte Leigh also took on the course and finished in 01-21-17.  

Special Mention to Ben Parry

Ben Parry was part of a relay team who took on the triathlon in Bedford on Sunday and his team came the first place. Ben ran the 10Km leg of the relay.  Well done Ben.      

This week’s dose of Parkruns

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and a few Striders were out in force.

Stevenage: 348 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes.

Full results: Brendon Kelly 21-05 (15th), William Reynolds 23-18 (42nd), Dayle Clarke 24-13 (58th), Darren March 24-26 (64th), Esperanza Castro 25-24 (88th), Ken Marshall 25-51 (102nd), Darren Isted 27-39 (132nd), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 27-53 (140th), Gill Philpotts 28-42 (157th), Russell Andrews 28-44 (158th), Ian McClements 29-11 (172nd), Linda Howell 29-30 (183rd) – Parkrun PB, Peter Kelly 30-05 (200th), Tony Castro 30-34 (208th), Amy-Victoria Anderson 34-26 (270th), Cody Cuzner 35-27 (285th), Glenn Cuzner 35-28 (286th), Louise March 36-38 (297th) and Lauren Pegg 37-34 (306th).

Away results:

Belfast Victoria (Northern Ireland): Kealan Hislop 23-03 (66th out of 260 runners), Eilish Hislop 26-04 (110th).

Cassiobury (Watford, Herts): Tracy Norris 45-08 (471st out of 498 runners) and Rachel Hall 45-10 (472nd).

Panshanger (Hertford, Herts): Garry Wallace 29-18 (188th out of 352 runners), Louise Chancellor 30-42 (220th) and Hilary Withers 42-46 (339th).

Sizewell (Suffolk): Colin Fenwick 34-20 (85th out of 106 runners).

Victoria Dock (London): Danik Bates 24-18 (74th out of 178 runners).

Westmill (Ware, Herts): Greg Bradbury 24-03 (15th out of 101 runners)