Club news release 18/8/2019

Marathon action

Davie Stafford and Clare Wing were back in Marathon action again this weekend, taking on the Leila’s Run in Wheathampstead, Herts. Davie just got inside the four-hour mark with a time of 03-59-04 whilst Clare finished in 04-37-00. The course was around the beautiful rolling hills of central Hertfordshire and 60% of the course was off-road. Well done guys. Megan Taylor also completed the course in 5 hours 16 minutes, her first trail marathon.

This week’s Parkruns

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and Striders were out in force.

Esperanza Castro ran her 50th ParkRun on Saturday at Stevenage. She started with the club’s Zero to 5K programme 3 years ago. One Marathon, four half marathons, many 10k’s and 5Ks, one county medal, two trophy’s and a cup later…. she is still striving to improve. She has seen her age graded 5K percentage rise from 60% to 72%. Later this month she will be running a 5k, 10Km and half marathon over a two-day period and she is aiming to pick up silverware in the Hatfield 5K series next month. A great example to us all.

Stevenage: 386 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes.

Full results: Martin Watson 22-41 (40th), Karl Sparks 22-47 (42nd), William Reynolds 22-57 (46th), Darren March 24-49 (77th), Dayle Clarke 25-00 (82nd), Esperanza Castro 25-08 (88th), Liezel Bezuidenhout 25-40 (104th), Ian McClements 26-50 (141st) – Parkrun PB, Darren Isted 26-54 (144th), Dan Gunning 29-45 (194th), Tony Castro 29-49 (195th), Stacy Benn 30-17 (209th), Russell Andrews 32-53 (252nd), Colin Fenwick 32-54 (253rd), Amy-Victoria Anderson 34-31 (288th), Brenda Smith 34-47 (294th), Jim Smith 36-01 (307th), Louise March 36-18 (315th), Paula Sparks 36-47 (318th), Lauren Pegg 37-51 (341st), Dorota Adamczyk 39-07 (354th), Lyn Hammocks 39-18 (356th), Hilary Withers 40-17 (358th), Tracy Norris 43-30 (369th).

Away results:
Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk): Danik Bates 22-26 (37th out of 335 runners).
East Brighton (Sussex): Gary Sherin 27-49 (40th out of 105 runners).
Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield): Greg Bradbury 22-37 (38th out of 300 runners).
Millennium Country, Forest of Marston Vale (Beds): Kelly Baston 26-29 (50th out of 148 runners), Andrew Wilde 31-42 (102nd).
Pocket (St Neots, Cambs): Ken Marshall 26-17 (61st out of 202 runners).
Salisbury (Wiltshire): Garry Wallace 28-40 (241st out of 458 runners). Louise Chancellor 29-54 (267th).