Club news release 25/8/2019

Danik gets a third-place finish in Kent

On Wednesday 21st August, Danik Bates competed in round five (out of 10) of the Cyclopark Series in Gravesend, Kent. Danik Bates qualified for a half-marathon result after pulling out of the marathon distance due to injury and clocked a third-place out of twenty-one runners in 01-49-23.

Bank Holiday Weekend Parkrun Special

With not much race action going on for the club members, the main focus for this weekend was half-marathon training for this coming autumn races and working on their 5km times at Parkrun. We had Striders at Stevenage, Cambs, Beds, Woking and the famous Sloughbottom course in Norfolk. The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning.

Stevenage: 380 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes.

Full results:  Brendon Kelly 20-50 (15th), Greg Bradbury 22-32 (50th), Karl Sparks 22-54 (58th), Alan Watt 24-08 (80th), William Reynolds 24-10 (81st), Esperanza Castro 24-39 (92nd) – Parkrun PB, Eloise Billington24-49 (96th), Sarah Allen 25-13 (110th) – Parkrun PB, Russell Andrews 26-34 (138th), Ollie Garbas 26-53 (146th – with a buggy), Peter Kelly 27-37 (165th), Gill Philpotts 28-55 (191st), Hayley Stenning 31-23 (262nd), Penny Fanthrope 39-51 (346th), Paras Shah 40-15 (347th), Darren Isted 40-41 (351st).

Away results:

Woking: Danik Bates continues to tick off a different parkrun course every week and this week saw him take on the three-lap course at Woking Park in Woking, Surrey. Mostly flat, tarmac with a bit of off-road through woodland, Danik finished in 22-05, 45th out of 344 runners.

Letchworth (Herts): Darren March 25-20 (41st out of 162 runners). Louise March 38-31 (149th).

Pocket (St Neots, Cambs): Stacy Benn 30-07 (144th out fo 262 runners).

Millennium Country Parkrun at Forest of Marston Vale (Beds): Kelly Baston 26-43 (71st out of 148 runners), Andrew Wilde 31-27 (108th).

Sloughbottom (Norfolk): Fiona Davies 28-18 (153rd out of 250 runners).