Club news release 3/11/2019

Stevenage Half Marathon

The annual Stevenage Half-Marathon took place on Sunday morning which saw twelve Striders in action, a record turnout for the event. The club had two prize winners and a debut for Danik doing this distance with a buggy. First off, the awards (as the Stevenage Half Marathon is also the course for the Hertfordshire county half-marathon championship race), Vicky McIver came third in her age category (VF45) and gained a personal best time and a course PB in the process whilst Esperanza Castro also finished third in her age category (VF55).

Full results (there were 405 runners in the event): Vicky McIver 01-46-44 (127th), Brendon Kelly 01-47-24 (132nd), Luke Rumming 01-47-47 (147th), Karl Sparks 01-49-25 (155th), Danik Bates 01-52-34 (184th and with a buggy), Greg Bradbury 02-00-03 (241st), Sarah Allen 02-01-53 (255th), Phil Deaves 02-02-28 (254th), Esperanza Castro 02-10-23 (290th), Peter Kelly 02-10-32 (292nd), Gillian Philpotts 02-14-21 (322nd), Kirsten Jarvis 02-15-30 (330th).

Cattle Creepy 10km

Several Striders made it over to Milton Keynes on Thursday (Halloween) for the 10km race event known as the Cattle Creepy. Results: Glenn Cuzner 45-17 (19th), Stuart Cuzner 47-53 (36th), Sue Loughran 01-23-32 (259th), Dorota Adamczyk 01-23-33 (260th), Ian McClements 01-23-35 (261st), Charlotte Leigh 01-23-55 (262nd), Marc Hagland 01-23-56 (263rd).  


The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage, some away.

International Parkruns

Starting off in the beautiful city of Rouen in Normandy, France, two Striders took on the course along the river in the centre of the city. Garry Wallace 28-33 (28th), Louise Chancellor 29-29 (29th). There were 59 runners.

Away days in the UK

Pymmes (Edmonton, North London): Oliver Garbas 22-48 (29th & with a buggy), Danik Bates 25-11 (43rd). There were 121 runners. From the Pymmes Parkrun newsroom: Obscure stat of the week was chalked up by Oliver Garbas and Danik Bates who returned to Pymmes for the first time since their previous visits at Pymmes at events 115 and 116 respectively which took place in Spring 2013, thereby registering the 3rd and 4th longest gaps between Pymmes Parkrun appearances.

St Albans (Herts): Tracy Norris 42-45 (217th out of 227 runners).

Sheffield Hallam (Sheffield, South Yorkshire): Eloise Billington 23-32 (121st out of 477 runners) – Eloise gained a course personal best as she has done forty-three runs there, but also got her overall Parkrun personal best time.

Rother Valley (South Yorkshire): Emma Sclanders 23-36 (60th out of 320 runners).

Irchester Country (Wellingboro’, Northamptonshire): Gary Sherin 26-03 (49th out of 218 runners). Gary took part in the very first event held at this course.

Home result in Stevenage: 242 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. Full results: William Reynolds 23-36 (34th), Kevin Fisher 23-38 (35th), Dayle Clarke 23-51 (37th), Ian McClements 26-20 (70th) – Parkrun PB, Sarah Kinsella 26-43 (81st) – Course PB & overall Parkrun PB, Stacy Benn 30-04 (119th), Chrissie Thomas 32-35 (148th), Julia Middleton 33-56 (164th), Paula Sparks 35-12 (179th), Lauren Pegg 36-01 (198th).

Stevenage 10km 2020

Entries for the Stevenage 10K 2020 are open. There are 600 places available for the 6.2 mile race through some of Stevenage’s beautiful parks (up from 450 places in 2019). Early-bird prices are £18 (£16 if running with an affiliated club). All finishers will receive a medal, technical t-shirt and cake! Proceeds from the race will go to charity and hopefully we can raise more money than in 2019!

The entries can be found here