Club news release 24/11/2019

Hertfordshire Service to Sport Awards 2019

On Tuesday 19 November the sixteenth annual Hertfordshire Service to Sport Awards took place at the University of Hertfordshire, celebrating the dedication and selfless efforts of sports volunteers from across the county. In advance of the night, a panel of independent judges considered more than 130 nominations from clubs and individuals, and awards were made to over 50 volunteers in recognition of their massive contribution to sport in Hertfordshire.

Stevenage Striders may have not won an
award on the evening but the club did get the honour of coming runners up of being the ‘Community Club of the Year’. The club were the only one from Stevenage that picked up an award across all the sporting disciplines. A great achievement for the club.

Colworth Hare and Tortoise Marathon

Davie Stafford and Clare Wing were back in
marathon action near Bedford at the weekend and took on the five-lap off-road course. Both ran together and finished in a time of 04-34-36.

Hertfordshire Half-Marathon

It was the third time the half marathon
course which starts and finishes in the
grounds of Knebworth House took place. A few Striders took on the hilly country lanes around Old Knebworth, Langley and Nup End. Sarah Kinsella took part in her first ever half-marathon whilst Toby Robinson put in an impressive display despite the toughness of the course. 1539 runners took part.

Full results: Toby Robinson 01-46-46, Eloise Billington 02-07-50, Sarah Kinsella 02-10-05, Katy Baker 02-29-09.

Doncaster 10km

Tom Sclanders is having a great time recently and once again took his progress in training onto the race course and gained a personal best time, this time at the 10km (6.2 mile) distance at Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Tom completed the course in 40-33 (199th) whilst Emma Sclanders finished in 49-43 (804th). There were 2515 runners in the event.

Hatfield 5

A few Striders were out in force down the A1(M) on Sunday for the 8km (5-mile) race where 641 runners took part. Esperanza Castro came second in her age category (VF55-59) to claim silver in the Hertfordshire 5-mile county championships (gaining a personal best in the process) whilst Ian McClements, Glenn Cuzner, Martin Watson and Phil Deaves all gained personal best times.

Full Results: Steve Wells 31-19 (59th), Glenn Cuzner 33-04 (95th), Stuart Cuzner 35-55 (144th), Martin Watson 36-53 (162nd), Darren March 39-22 (230th), Phil Deaves 39-35 (233rd), Esperanza Castro 41-14 (274th), Ian McClements 42-56 (322nd), Elizabeth Love 49-52 (477th), Chrissie Thomas 51-39 (518th), Linda Howell 51-46 (521st), Louise March 01-00-02 (611st), Julie Kempson 01-02-29 (627th), Dorota Adamczyk 01-02-29 (628th).

Bassingbourn Belle 10

Three Striders took part in the 10-mile event on the county border with Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire in Bassingbourn at the weekend, Chris Leigh, Charlotte Leigh and Sue Loughran. Head coach Chris said after the race: “Treated it as part of my marathon training schedule and ran at tempo wit the last mile pushing faster at 8:02 pacing. Nice course, well organised, would recommend but tends to clash with the ‘sexier’ Hatfield 5-mile event” 377 runners took part in the race. Chris Leigh: 01-33-05 (204th), Charlotte Leigh: 02-25-56 (376th), Sue Loughran 02-25-57 (375th).


The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage, some away, some in foreign climbs.

International Parkrun

Graham Potter took on the East Coast parkrun course in beautiful Singapore which is an out and back course, to which on the return, runners get to see one of the country’s landmarks, the Marina Bay Sands hotel which comprise of three skyscrapers which overlook the amazing Gardens of the Bay. 107 runners took on the course to which Graham finished in 32-29 finishing 82nd.

Away days in the UK

Rickmansworth (Herts): Darren March 24-01 (73rd out of 447 runners).

Wendover Woods (Bucks): Gary Sherin 25-56 (course PB – 33rd out of 118 runners).

Prospect Park (Berkshire): Peter Monk
26-32 (81st out of 194 runners).

Home result in Stevenage: A lot of Striders turned out for Russ Andrew’s 100th appearance at Parkrun on Saturday and see him complete the course with the black ‘100’ cape on with a time of 30-45, finishing 215th. 368 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. Full results: Kealan Hislop 22-49 (42nd – Course PB), Greg Bradbury 24-28 (77th), William Reynolds 25-29 (92nd), Peter Fitzgerald 25-40 (101st), Alan Watt 26-16 (119th), Ian McClements 26-41 (135th), Richard Bates 27-21 (149th), Eilish Hislop 27-22 (150th), Phil Deaves 27-26 (152nd), Frances Levy 27-27 (153rd), Darren Isted 28-13 (172nd), Danik Bates 30-46 (217th), Ken Marshall 30-47 (218th), Steve Moore 30-53 (220th), Chrissie Thomas 32-05 (239th), Deirdre Hawes 33-06 (252nd), Paula Campbell 34-02 (267th – Course PB), Colin Fenwick 34-19 (270th), Esperanza Castro 35-51 (297th), Lauren Pegg 36-05 (307th), Louise March 36-15 (208th), Dorota Adamczyk 37-21 (327th), Colette Preston 39-06 (341st), Jennifer Graham 39-38 (345th), Tracy Norris 40-50 (347th).