Club news release 8/12/2019


Davie Stafford and Clare Wing were back in marathon action at the weekend, this time taking part in the Band of Runners event at Walton-on-Thames. Davie ran with a buggy and finished 16th overall in 04-20-02 whilst Clare finished 19th in 04-29-41. Sue Loughran managed to complete the half-marathon distance at the same venue in 02-50-54.

MK Winter Half-Marathon

Over the hills at Milton Keynes, the town held its Winter Half Marathon. Phil Deaves managed to get a personal best time at the 13.1 miles (21km) distance in 01-56-22, finishing 816th out of 2136 runners. Toby Robinson also took on the event and continued his impressive run of form by finishing in 01-43-59 coming in 403rd.

First Saturday of the Month 5km

Ollie Garbas and Linda Howell completed in the ‘Santa Canta’ 5km race on Norton Common in nearby Letchworth Garden City on Saturday which had a Christmassy theme. Ollie finished 4th out of 327 runners in 21-01 but was also the first runner dressed as Santa Claus home. Linda Howell also completed the event in 43-44 finishing 317th.


The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage, some away, some in foreign climbs.

Away days in the UK

Fulbourn Hospital (Cambs): Danik Bates took part at the first ever event inside the grounds of FulbournHospital near Cambridge and is the only second Parkrun course to be held on NHS property. Danikcompleted the four-lap course on grass in 22-10 finishing 44th out of 191 runners.

Walmer and Deal (Kent): The Mendonca’s were at the seaside north of Dover with 140 other runners. David Mendonca finished in 25-54 (47th) whilst Lynsey Mendonca finished in 32-21 (104th).

Home result in Stevenage: 304 runners took part in the two-lap course at Fairlands Valley lakes. Full results: Glenn Cuzner 20-14 (9th), Darren March 24-19 (59th), Alan Watt 25-27 (76th), Stuart Cuzner 25-28 (77th), Esperanza Castro 25-29 (78th), Greg Bradbury 26-02 (95th), Steve Moore 27-43 (126th), Sarah Kinsella 28-27 (143rd), Fiona Davies 28-51 (148th), Tanya Haskins 30-02 (173rd), Hayley Stenning 30-04 (175th), Kelly-Marie Daly 30-48 (187th), Lisa Briggs 33-14 (213th), Jade Pope 33-36 (217th), Samantha Lardner 34-10 (225th), Louise Chancellor 34-46 (232nd), Garry Wallace 34-46 (233rd), Louise March 36-32 (251st), Cody Cuzner 37-00 (262nd), Martin Watson 37-01 (263rd), Lauren Pegg 37-25 (268th), and Tracy Norris 41-48 (287th).