Notice of club AGM on 10/2/2020

Notice of the 1st Annual General Meeting for the Stevenage Striders running club

When : Monday 10th February 2020

Where: In the New Hall, Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage SG1 1NA

What time : The meeting will start at 7:30pm

All members of the Stevenage Striders are invited to attend the first annual general meeting of the club.

The meeting will receive reports from the Chairman, Treasurer and club Coach. These will include a summary of events within the club over the last 12 months and plans for the coming 12 months.

The election of club officers and other club committee positions will then be completed. Here is a summary of the positions, the current role holder and whether they are re-standing. Any club member can stand for the positions subject to being nominated and seconded by at least two other club members. Where there is more than one person nominated for a given role a vote will be held by those in attendance. Only first claim members of the club are eligible to vote. Where there is an equal number of votes cast the chairman will have a casting vote.

The following are the current role holders and an indication of whether they are re-standing.
Chairman Chris Leigh No
Club Coach Chris Leigh – already elected for 2020.
Treasurer Marc Hagland No
Kit officer Marc Hagland No
Secretary Karl Hudson Yes
Membership secretary Sandra Howes Yes
Welfare officer Lisa Liversidge Yes
Media and press officer Danik Bates Yes
Results secretary – No one in role
Ladies captain Tracy Bullot Yes
Men’s captain Dan Sanders No
Social Secretary Molly Davis No

Other committee members and whether the6 are re-standing

Esperanza Castro Yes
Phil Deaves Yes
Robin Hester No
Russ Andrews Yes
Ben Parry Yes
Sarah Cousins No
Mark Dunn No
Darren Gilbert Yes
Julie Kempson Yes

If any member wishes to stand for a role as a general member of the committee they need to be proposed and seconded by two club members. A vote will then be held by all of those in attendance.

The meeting can consider any amendments to the Constitution and Rules of the club and any other motions. However, these must be submitted to the General Secretary (Karl Hudson) at least 21 days before the date of the meeting and subsequently notified to all club members at least 14 days before the date of the AGM. Any motions presented to the AGM through this process will be given due consideration and debate before a simple majority vote of those in attendance. No proxy votes are allowed and only first claim members are allowed to vote.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Karl Hudson
Club General Secretary