Press release 5/1/2020

Marathon: Davie Stafford and Clare Wing took part in the East Hanningfield Marathon near Maldon, Essex on Sunday. 104 runners took part with Clare finishing 56th in 06-13-44 and Davie finishing 57th in 06-13-48.

Half Marathon: Hannah West took part in the Victoria Park half, East London and completed the course in 01-47-52, smashing her previous half-marathon time by nine minutes.

Thetford 10km: Sue Loughran completed the 10km course in Thetford, Norfolk and finished in 01-17-50.

One final bit…it’s Parkrun!

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage and some away.

New Year’s Day Parkrun Results: There was a special day for Parkrunning at the turn of the decade and in some cases, some of the Striders were able to do two parkruns as some courses started at 09:00 and some at 10:30. (Hence there are some runners name appearing twice in the results).

Stevenage Parkrun: A record 562 runners took part in the two-lap course around Fairlands Lake on New Year’s Day for the 10.30am start. For the Striders, first home was Martin Watson 22-54 (61st) who whizzed past Danik Bates during the last 500 meters who finished in 23-11 (70th). Third was Phil Deaves in 24-19. Greg Bradbury also completed his 50th parkrun. Other results: Steve Moore 27-28 (205th), Sarah Allen 27-32 (208th), Fiona Davies 28-06 (220th), Greg Bradbury 28-33 (239th), Russell Andrews 28-33 (240th), Peter Monk 28-36 (242nd), Sarah Kinsella 28-38 (243rd), Ken Marshall 28-38 (244th), Victoria McIver 28-39 (245th), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 28-40 (246th), Ben Parry 28-41 (247th), David Mendonca 28-42 (248th), Toby Robinson 28-45 (252nd), Leanne Mahoney 28-46 (253rd – PB), Chris Leigh 29-35 (287th), Stacy Benn 29-54 (299th), Peter Fitzgerald 30-20 (313th), Graham Potter 30-26 (315th), Julia Middleton 30-48 (328th – PB), Ian McClements 30-49 (329th), Lisa Briggs 32-14 (370th – PB), Gill Philpotts 32-16 (372nd), Jade Pope 32-26 (377th – PB), Chrissie Thomas 34-17 (429th), Ally Brown 34-40 (434rd), Lianne Loosley35-17 (452nd), Lauren Pegg 35-19 (454th), Chrissie Parry 35-33 (463rd), Brenda Smith 35-33 (464th), Esperanza Castro 36-41 (482nd), Paula Sparks 38-07 (499th), Dorota Adamczyk 38-43 (509th), Lyn Hammocks 39-03 (512th), Sarah Goodyear 39-58 (516th), Julie Kempson 40-21 (519th), Tracy Norris 43-52 (539th).  

Panshanger (Hertford): Another record attendance record broken in Hertford for the 09:00 start with 681 runners turning up. Steve Wells was first Strider home on the one-lap cross-country course finishing 14th in 19-38. Other results: Greg Bradbury 26-29 (209th), Martin Watson 26-31 (210th), Peter Monk 27-54 (263rd), Toby Robinson 27-55 (264th), Russell Andrews 29-26 (324th), Ken Marshall 29-32 (330th), Hayley Stenning 33-41 (504th), Chrissie Thomas 35-10 (569th), Ally Brown 35-12 (572nd), Dorota Adamczyk 35-33 (581st), Ian McClements 35-36 (582nd), Lauren Pegg 37-31 (623rd), Tracy Norris 45-53 (665th – course PB).

Bedford (Beds). 424 runners took part in the fast three-lap course in Bedford County Park where Phil Deaves grabbed a Parkrun PB. Glenn Cuzner 19-40 (14th), Phil Deaves 23-43 (85th). Esperanza Castro 24-26 (106th), Chris Leigh 24-27 (107th) and Cody Cuzner 42-10 (398th).  

Hillsborough (Sheffield, South Yorks): Eloise Billington 24-01 (125th out of 750 runners). Eloise gained a course PB in the process.

Cassiobury (Watford) Two Striders took on the three lap course in Central Watford where a record number of runners took part (702 runners) : Darren March 24-52 (176th) and Louise March 38-14 (621st).

Rickmansworth (Herts): 556 runners took part in this event and this was the March’s second Parkrun event of the day. Darren March finished in 24-12 (149th) and Louise March in 35-55 (498th – course PB).

Letchworth (Herts): Ollie Garbas 21-33 (9th out of 123 runners) and finally Walmer and Deal Seafront (Kent): Helen Cal-Fernandez 35-11 (264th out of 305 runners and course PB).

Saturday 4th January Parkrun’s.

Hunstanton Promenade (Norfolk):  149 runners took part and Steve Wells finished 3rd in 19-20.

Stevenage. 532 runners took part in another massive bumper crowd. Danik Bates 22-04 (30th), William Reynolds 22-56 (45th), Martin Watson 23-45 (66th), Steve Moore 25-51 (124th), Alan Watt 27-31 (187th), Russell Andrews 27-52 (201st), Fiona Davis 27-54 (202nd), Kelly-Marie Daly 28-30 (223rd) – Parkrun PB, Dan Gunning 28-39 (229th), Graham Potter 29-19 (246th), Elizabeth Love 30-40 (284th), Jade Pope 31-07 (301st), Linda Howell 32-16 (336th), Helen Cal-Fernandez 35-08 (418th) – Parkrun PB, Tracy Norris 41-29 (495th).

Bedford (Beds): 462 runners took part. Greg Bradbury 22-24 (41st), Hayley Stenning 28-34 (218th), Chrissie Thomas 30-14 (259th), Lauren Pegg 34-08 (342nd) – Parkrun PB, Ian McClements 31-10 (343rd), Dorota Adamczyk 34-42 (353rd) – Parkrun PB.

St Albans (Herts): 736 runners took part. Darren March 23-51 (144th), Louise March 36-41 (653rd).

Tamar Trails (Devon): 160 runners took part. Garry Wallace 30-13 (91st), Louise Chancellor 33-01 (109th).

Luton Wardown (Beds): 426 runners took part. Helen Moye 24-30 (66th).