Club news release 12/1/2020

Marathon: Davie Stafford took part in the first ever Run the Sun event in Weston village between Stevenage and Baldock on Sunday. With several laps involved in the muddy Hertfordshire countryside, Davie managed to dig in deep and complete the off-road course in 04-37-25.

Half-Marathon: Chrissie Thomas started her campaign of completing a half-marathon in every month this year. Her first one took her to beautiful Finsbury Park and did the eight-lap course (with the famous hill) with ease and finished in 02-34-56.

Race the Moon: Fiona Davies took part in the 10km event around London’s Olympic Park on Wednesday 8th January, gaining a time of 57-22.

One final bit…it’s Parkrun!

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage and some away.

Stevenage Parkrun: A record 586 runners took part in the two-lap course around Fairlands Lakes. Ollie Garbas was first Strider home gaining his second fastest time on the course in 19-47. Second Strider was William Reynolds 23-25 (58th) and Eloise Billington was third Strider home in 23-46 who gained a course personal best time. Big shoutouts to Elizabeth Love for her Parkrun PB and also Jade Pope who was doing her 5th Parkrun since registering in early December and has knocked off three minutes-forty-nine seconds in that period (her first time being 33-36 on 7th December 2019) to gain a time of 29-45.

Other results: Danik Bates 25-02 (114th – with a buggy), Fiona Davies 27-28 (185th), Sharon Williams 28-25 (220th), Kelly-Marie Daly 28-45 (238th), Andrew Glowdansky 28-52 (242nd), Elizabeth Love 29-29 (251st – Parkrun PB & Course PB), Jade Pope 29-45 (267th – Parkrun PB & Course PB), Martin Watson 31-03 (306th), Greg Bradbury 31-05 (307th), Peter Monk 31-06 (309th), Toby Robinson 31-08 (311th), Esperanza Castro 36-11 (459th), Sarah Goodyear 38-57 (514th), Tracy Norris 41-51 (547th), Rachel Hall 49-43 (575th).

Away results

Bedford (Beds). 530 runners took part in the event. Darren March 23-12 (69th), Louise March 35-50 (423th).

Gunpowder (North London). 329 runners took part in the event. Helen Moye 24-05 (52nd).

Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield, Herts). 360 runners took part in the event. Ian McClements 25-45 (82nd), Hayley Stenning 28-32 (141st) – Parkrun PB & Course PB, Chrissie Thomas 30-44 (202nd) – Course PB, Ally Brown 31-32 (213th) – Course PB, Lisa Briggs 32-03 (228th), Lauren Pegg 37-15 (209th), Dorota Adamczyk 37-18 (310th).

Pocket (St Neots, Cambs): 225 runners took part in the event. Ken Marshall 26-23 (78th).

Westmill (Ware, Herts): 123 runners took part in the event. Garry Wallace 31-31 (66th), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 33-08 (71st), Louise Chancellor 33-09 (72nd).

Malling (Kent). 505 runners took part in the event. Graham Potter 30-25 (253rd).