Club Affiliation

The Stevenage Striders Running Club are currently affiliated to 2 organisations supporting road running.

Our main affiliation is to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and is free to members. Members can class themselves as affiliated ONLY if they are entering a race that has been granted a race permit by ARC. Look out for the ARC logo and/or the phrase ‘this race is run under ARC permit xx/yyyy’.

We are currently not affiliated to UKA because to get the full benefits of this affiliation individual runners have to pay for an individual competition licence, currently costing £15. The ethos of Stevenage Striders is individuals being able to run without membership fees, hence we are only affiliated to ARC. When entering races that are being run under an ARC permit individuals should declare they are unaffiliated.

ARC races – we are affiliated

UKA races – unaffiliated

The club is also affiliated to the Herts County Amateur Athletics Association. The county have a programme of road races at a full range of distances that are nominated as County Champs races. Members of the club can enter these and compete for County medals/awards. All you have to do is tick the County box on your race entry! The club website has a list of the nominated county races at each distance.

The club’s committee reviews the club’s affiliations at least once every year.