Club news release 2/2/2020

Stevenage Striders Press Release – 2nd February 2020

Thorpe & Egham Half Marathon – Down in Surrey two Striders took on the Thorpe and Egham half marathon (13.1 miles – 21km). The route started and finished in Egham with a mini-lap around the Thorpe area before a huge loop which included going through beautiful Virgina Water. The route was flat with a several long drags and one massive hill to go up at the half way stage. That wasn’t going to stop Ollie Garbas and Danik Bates who were last minute entrants to the race this week. Ollie Garbas gained his fastest time in five years by grabbing a time of 01-29-18 whilst Danik smashed and grabbed of a time of 01-39-38, his fastest since March 2016. Ollie finished 61st whilst Danik finished in 181st in a field of nearly 900 runners.

Watford Half Marathon – Three Striders took on the hilly Watford Half Marathon which also hosts the Hertfordshire County Championships at this distance. Ian Levy finished in 01-59-11 (finishing 854th), shortly followed by Frances Levy in 02-05-58 (finishing in 990th), who also finished 9th in the VF55-64 category, and last off is Jean Cole who finished in 02-38-19 (finishing 1309th). 1345 runners took part in the event.

Bohemian Half Marathon: Sue Loughran took on the course around the Lea Valley Park at Waltham cross and completed the race in 02-44-39.

One final bit…it’s Parkrun!

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage and some away.

Stevenage Parkrun: Another huge turnout at the weekend as 514 runners took part in the two-lap course around Fairlands Lakes. Danik Bates was taking part in his 200th Parkrun (with a buggy) and finished in a time of 28-28 (217th). There were also Parkrun PB’s for Emma Sclanders, Kealen Hislop, Kevin Fisher, Jade Pope and Lianne Loosley. Full results: Brendon Kelly 20-01 (11th), Tom Sclanders 22-01 (33rd), Ben Parry 22-15 (36th), Emma Sclanders 22-34 (41st), Kealen Hislop 22-35 (42nd), Kevin Fisher 23-04 (53rd), Martin Watson 23-58 (80th), Greg Bradbury 23-59 (81st), William Reynolds 24-03 (83rd), Darren March 24-04 (84th), Helen Moye 24-09 (88th), Eloise Billington 24-18 (95th), Steve Moore 25-25 (123rd), Peter Kelly 27-05 (172nd), Alan Watt 27-30 (185th), Ken Marshall 27-32 (186th), Eilish Hislop 27-49 (196th), Darren Isted 27-53 (197th), Anne Miller 28-18 (208th), Ollie Garbas 28-28 (216th), Jade Pope 29-11 (232nd), Dave Bryan 29-48 (246th), Lisa Liversidge 31-02 (282nd – with a buggy), Chrissie Thomas 31-15 (292nd), Caroline Longfellow 32-16 (320th), Chrissie Parry 32-33 (324th), Deirdre Hawes 32-34 (325th), Lisa Briggs 33-52 (356th), Lianne Loosley 34-08 (361st), Ian McClements 35-26 (395th), Esperanza Castro 35-56 (4-1st), Dorota Adamczyk 36-58 (417th), Louise March 38-03 (443rd), Lauren Pegg 39-58 (465th), Helen Cal-Fernandez 47-30 (493rd).

Away results

Ferry Meadows (Peterborough, Cambs): Steve Wells 19-36 (9th out of 613 runners).

Burnham and Highbridge (Somerset): Garry Wallace 28-07 (152nd), Louise Chancellor 29-32 (190th). There were 396 runners.

Teignmouth Promenade (Devon): Linda Howell 30-44 (180th out of 279 runners).

Ellenbrook Fields (Hatfield, Herts): Rachel Hall 45-00 (325th out of 341 runners).