Club news release 9/2/2020


Victoria Park Half Marathon – Danik Bates was back in race action for his second half marathon in six days, this time running the Victoria Park half marathon in Hackney, East London. Despite the course being flat and being a six and a half lap course, Danik could only get a time of 01-42-25, finishing 190th out of 623 runners. 

Pheonix Races – On Saturday, two Striders took on the half marathon course in Walton-on-Thames, South-West London in the event named ‘One run to rule them all’. Peter Monk finished 6th with a time of 02-10-38 whilst Sue Loughran finished in 18th with a time of 02-51-10. There were thirty-four runners in the event. On Sunday, Sue Loughran ran her second half marathon (probably the only running event to take place in South-East England due to Storm Ciara) in the event known as the Pheonix Races Secret Timed run, which also took place in Walton-on-Thames. Sue finished the course in very windy conditions in 03-21-40.    

One final bit…it’s Parkrun!

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and there were some Striders out in force, some at Stevenage and some away.

Stevenage Parkrun: 485 runners took part in the two-lap course around Fairlands Lakes. Brendon Kelly 19-38 (9th – Parkrun PB), Robert Moye 21-12 (27th), Kevin Fisher 22-40 (48th – Parkrun PB), Martin Watson 22-40 (49th), William Reynolds 23-06 (57th), Helen Moye 23-34 (71st), Steve Moore 24-47 (114th – Parkrun PB), Ian McClements 24-51 (116th), Sarah Allen 25-34 (131st), Dave Bryan 26-56 (174th), Elizabeth Love 29-18 (244th – Parkrun PB), Darren Isted 29-35 (253rd), Peter Kelly 29-51 (262nd), Chrissie Thomas 30-21 (272nd), Caroline Longfellow 30-29 (274th – Parkrun PB), Lisa Liversidge 30-30 (275th), Mandy Himsworth30-51 (287th – Parkrun PB), Charlotte Leigh 35-45 (389th – Parkrun PB), Hayley Stenning 35-46 (390th), Esperanza Castro 36-13 (400th), Lauren Pegg 36-30 (402nd), Dorota Adamczyk  37-07 (422nd), Sarah Goodyear 38-42 (435th), Tracy Norris 39-43 (39-43 – 445th), and Claire Defries 40-33 (448th).   

Away results

St Albans (Herts): Steve Wells 19-43 (14th out of 569 runners). 

Severn Bridge (England/Wales): Louise Chancellor 28-32 (104th out of 220 runners) and Garry Wallace 29-08 (114th).