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Stride on! 11/8/2019

Hi Striders, Here is this week’s newsletter. It’s free and I would early appreciate it if you would read it. It only takes 10 minutes. Thanks. strideon11082019  

Club news release 11/8/2019

Stevenage Striders Handicap 5km On Tuesday 6th August, the club held their fifth handicap 5K of 2019. In a handicap race each runner is given a target time based on their form and they aim to beat that target. The winner of the race is the runner who beats their target by the largest margin….

Club news release 4/8/2019

Stevenage Striders Press Release – 4th August 2019 Davie back in Marathon action Davie completed his 10th marathon with his daughter whilst pushing a buggy at the Pheonix Summer Marathon in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey on Saturday. The pair completed the 26.2 mile (42km) course in 04-35-46 finishing 62nd out of 132 runners. This week’s dose of…

Stride on! 4/8/2019

Here is this week’s Stride On! newsletter. strideon04082019 Just a few points to think about. Research shows that for every 2 pounds you are over weight your running efficiency will reduce by 1%. This means that if you are 6 pounds overweight you are 3% less efficient than you could be. That means you are…

Stride on! 28/7/2019


Club news release 28/7/2019

Stevenage Striders Press Release – 28th July 2019 Lea Valley Festival Two Striders were at the Lea Valley running festival on Sunday. Stuart Cuzner took on the ten-mile event and finished the course in 01-15-10 finishing 35th out of 178 runners. Linda Howell took on the 10km event and finished in 01-05-48. Tough Mudder Hannah…

Club news release 21/7/2019

Stevenage Striders Press Release – 22nd July 2019 Fairlands Valley Challenge A few Striders were out in force to tackle the Fairlands Valley Challenge, where there were various distances to choose from ranging from half-marathon, 18 miles, marathon and ultra-marathon, which started and finished from Stevenage and headed towards Watton-at-Stone, Chapmore End, Stapleford, Tewin and…

Stride on! 21/7/2019

A packed newsletter! Please read, including the section on our new code of conduct and this week’s 3K relays in the park. Stride on! strideon21072019

Stride on! 14/7/2019

Stride on! Striders, Stride On! Please check out the newsletter for details on all our training sessions, the latest news in the club, updates on the Stevenage 10K and the news that the club have got a constitution and other supporting documents. strideon14072019

Club news release 14/7/2019

Race to the Stones Two Striders took on the 100km (62 mile) event known as ‘Race to the Stones’ which starts in Oxfordshire and finishing at Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. Jenny Ingram-Tedd and Victoria McIver crossed the finishing line together in the middle of the night (early hours of Sunday morning). A massive congratulations…