Speed endurance – pyramid intervals

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16th April 2019 @ 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Hampson Park, Webb Rise
Hampson Park
Webb Rise
Speed endurance - pyramid intervals @ Hampson Park, Webb Rise

We will be training in our three groups:

Improvers – using a 4 mile route

Intermediates – using a 5.5 mile route

Advanced – using a 6.5 mile route

Each of the groups will be using an Aztec pyramid shaped interval pattern!

2x1min/1 min, 2×2 min/1 min, 2x3min/90 secs, 2×4 m8n/2 min, 2×3 min/90 secs, 2 x 2 min/1 m8n, 2 x1 min/1 min