11th September 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Ridlins stadium, Woodcock road
Woodcock road

Come and join us for our track session. Suitable for all!

We focus on technique and help develop your running, including your speed. Great surface to train on too.

A small track fee of £2 is charged to help contribute towards the cost of hire. We would like to thank our sponsor too, Mather Marshall, Knebworth.


Main session details:

April – 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m

May – 3x (4x200m/15 secs)

July – The Magic Mile

August – 3x400m +

September – 3x(10x100m)/4 mins run in shuttles

October –  6-8 x (500m +100m)

November – 3-4x100m, 3-4x200m, 3-4x300m, 3-4 x400m

December – 8-12 x 400m/90 secs