Marathon training plans – Spring 2019


Are you running a marathon in the Spring? Maybe you are lucky enough to have a place in the Virgin London Marathon? The following plans and advice are designed to help you prepare for your race.

The links to the schedules below indicate the length of the long runs you need to complete to take on a range of the more popular spring marathons including London, Paris, Brighton and Edinburgh.

If you have decided to take on a half marathon rather than the full 26.2 mile version then simply follow the clubs Sunday long run schedule so that your long run is between 9 and 13 miles. The club will cont8nue to use its popular and successful split run on Sundays – 3-4 miles at 8:30am followed by 6-9 miles from 9-9:15am. Put the two runs together and you can get 9-13 miles.

Whether it is a full or half Marathon you are taking on in Spring remember that you need to be running at least three times a week:

– Tuesday with the club

– Thursday with the club

– long run on Sunday with the club. These should be run at a slow pace.

This ensures you get a balanced training programme – the correct level of mileage but also quality sessions on Tuesday and Thursday that will get you running faster and more efficiently.


Unsure of what pace you should be runn8ng for your train8ng sessions, particularly your long runs. Use the following pace calculator to make sure you are on target.