Midweek league 10k 2019


Race 1 – 22/5/2019. A club record 39 runners ran for the club, 27 men and 12 ladies meaning that the club had two scoring teams for both the men and the ladies. The men finished third out of 8 teams and the ladies fourth. Overall the club are third out of the eight teams, a good solid start. All to play for! In the vets competition the men finished third and the ladies fifth with an overall position of fourth.





The 2019 midweek league is taking place during the months of (late) May, June and (early) July 2019.

We are in division 3 along with Harpenden, Edmonton, Broxbourne, Ware Joggers, Stevenage North Herts AC and Freedom Tri.

There are 4 scoring fixtures and then an additional ‘mob’ match where all of the clubs across all three divisions run. That will be held in Welwyn Garden City again this year.

All of the races start at 7:45pm. There is buffet style food available at the end of each race and the overall team spirit and atmosphere is amazing! We car share to each of the fixtures that are not local.  Each of the races are 10K and are FREE!

The rules of the league require all runners to wear a club top. This can be a club running vest (preferred) or a red club training t shirt. The new running vests are on order and will be with us before the race series starts.

Detailed race instructions together with car sharing arrangements will appear here for each race together with all race results.

Here are the list of fixtures for our division:

22/5/2019 Harpenden Arrows hosting with the race in Harpenden

5/6/2019 Harlow and Edmonton hosting with the race in Harlow

12/6/2019 Watford hosting in Watford

26/6/2019 Hitchin hosting in Stevenage

11/7/2019 MOB match (all divisions) hosted by Garden City Runners in Welwyn.

How does the league work/scoring?

Each finisher is given a score based on their finishing position i.e. if you finish 63rd you get 63 points. These scores are aggregated as follows – the first 12 men within the club and the first 6 ladies within the club. Those aggregate scores compared to the other clubs scores within the division determine the points that are given to the club for that race. The first club gets 7 points, the second 6 points etc down to the seventh getting one point. This is done for the men and ladies separately and the overall club score is made up of the total of the two.

This scoring system is used for each of the four scoring fixtures.

So, getting our quickest 12 men and quickest 6 ladies to each of the scoring races gives us the best chance of doing well. So why would someone in the club who is not one of quicker men or ladies want to take part? Well, their position in the race effects the position of runners in other clubs and, in turn, the points they get. So, even if you are not in the top 12 men or top 6 ladies in the club your score will still impact on other clubs and, in turn, improve our relative score and position. So the more runners we can get from the club taking part the better!