spring marathon training 2020

Many Stevenage Striders are taking part in one of the popular Spring 2020 marathons. Attached is a schedule with recommended long runs (typically Sunday or Saturday).  These should be run at your long run pace. This is typically one to 1.5 minutes per mile slower. If you are unsure of the correct pace to run at then use the runners world training pace calculator 

Whether it is the first or eighth time you are running a marathon remember that you need to be running at least three times a week. Also, don’t forget to include at least one strength training session a week. This will make you a better runner and less prone to niggling injuries.

– Tuesday with the club

– Thursday with the club

– long run on Sunday with the club. These should be run at a slower pace (above).

This ensures you get a balanced training programme – the correct level of mileage but also quality sessions on Tuesday and Thursday that will get you running faster and more efficiently.

Remember the two golden rules of marathon training (1) avoid doing more than 50% of your  weekly mileage in one run and (2) avoid increasing your mileage by more than 10% per week, if you use the 4 week training cycles these give you a drop in weekly mileage at the end of each cycle.

The schedule  springmarathon2020v0.2 focuses on the London Marathon and Milton Keynes marathon, where most of the club’s marathon runners will be. If you are planning to run a marathon that is not on 26/4 or 3/5 then please let Chris Leigh know and he will adjust the schedule for you.

Stride on!